Preliminary Design Presentation

Oct 23, 2023

Hello SpinStop enthusiasts!

Next up - our preliminary design presentation. Picture this: a room filled with eager minds, including our professors and five others, all gathered to witness the fruits of our labor.

What did we present? Well, it's essentially a live rendition of our journey so far, a visual representation of the very blog posts you've been following. From the genesis of our problem statement to the exploration of potential solutions and the decisive moment of choosing the optimal one – it was all there.

And you know what? It went really well! The energy in the room was palpable as we shared the story of SpinStop. Our professors and the whole five other people (we had a controls midterm later that day) were not just observers; they were participants in the excitement. The feedback was positive, and it was clear that our vision for SpinStop resonated with our audience.

It's a milestone worth celebrating (by writing a controls midterm). The presentation wasn't just a showcase of our work; it was a testament to the dedication, creativity, and collaborative spirit that propels SpinStop forward.

In the upcoming posts, we'll dive into the specifics of the presentation, sharing the highlights and insights gained from the experience. The journey continues, and we're grateful to have you alongside us.