First FYDP Meeting with our Profs

Sept 19, 2023

Hey guys,

The gears are turning, and our journey with SpinStop is picking up speed. One significant milestone? Our first meeting with the project advisors.

It was a moment to shine a spotlight on our problem and idea, and let us tell you, it felt great. Introducing our brainchild to seasoned advisors was not just a formality; it was a chance to showcase the passion and purpose behind SpinStop.

Questions were fired, ideas were dissected, and the room buzzed with the energy. We weren't just there to present; we were there to learn. Our advisors offered pearls of wisdom, providing us with invaluable feedback and clear directions for the road ahead.

The meeting was more than a checkpoint; it was a dynamic exchange of ideas and expertise. Their insights have become the compass guiding our next steps.

This meeting wasn't just a step in the process; it was a pivotal moment in the SpinStop saga. Stay tuned as we unpack the lessons learned and the exciting roadmap that lies ahead.