Problem Statement, Constraints, and Criteria

Sept 18, 2023

Hey everyone,

In the intricate dance of engineering, every project needs a solid foundation. For us, that foundation is a crystal-clear problem statement, well-defined constraints, and a set of criteria that guide our every move.

Our problem statement is our North Star: "Increase the safety and efficiency of helicopter rescue operations by designing a mechatronics system to eliminate all spinning of hoisted payloads." Simple, yet loaded with purpose.

Now, let's talk constraints. These are the boundaries that shape our design journey:
Stopping Power: Exert 3Nm torque on the payload for 30s continuously.
Maximum System Height: 12 inches.
Operation Time: Minimum 10 minutes.
Mass: Maximum 50 lbs.

These aren't arbitrary limits; they're the cornerstones that define the playground for our engineering minds.

And then there are our design criteria 1 the benchmarks that our solution must meet:
Rugged: Resistant to impacts, because real-world scenarios aren't gentle.
Waterproof: A nod to resilience, standing strong against water exposure.
Cost: Less than $600 because innovation shouldn't break the bank.
Safety: Low risk and easy to implement, ensuring our solution is as practical as it is groundbreaking.

How did we arrive at these specifics? It's a tale of research, meetings with helicopter rescue industry contacts, and a healthy dose of engineering judgment. We didn't just pluck these parameters from thin air; we crafted them with precision to ensure our solution is not just effective but practical.

Stay tuned as we dive into the nitty-gritty of designing a mechatronics system that meets these standards. The blueprint is set, and the journey continues!