Back to Waterloo!

Jan 15, 2024

Hello Spinners!

The team's back at our Waterloo base, and we're diving straight into the assembly of our V1 prototype. It's an exciting phase, and we're eager to share our progress with you.

Parts and Pieces Coming Together:
Post-holiday break, we were greeted by a slew of delivered parts essential for our prototype. We've also placed additional orders to ensure we have every component needed for this intricate build.

Precision Machining in Full Swing:
Our focus has been on machining key parts for the prototype's housing. This process is critical, requiring precision and attention to detail to ensure each component fits perfectly.

Collaboration with Brent:
We're collaborating closely with Brent, our skilled fabricator, for the welding aspects of our housing. His expertise is invaluable in bringing our meticulously machined parts into a unified, strong structure.

Software Development Underway:
Parallel to the hardware, we're developing telemetry software. This software is the backbone of our prototype's functionality, enabling us to monitor and control the system effectively.

Sneak Peek of Our Progress:
To give you a glimpse of our work, we've included some photos of the machining process.

That's the update for now!
Stay tuned for more

jerry-machine jerry-saw phil-lathe sam-lathe