Velocity Pitch Competition

Nov 15, 2023


As our journey unfolds, we're thrilled to share an exciting chapter involving Velocity's $5k Pitch competition - a local incubator thatss become a hub for innovation and support.

Here's the rundown:
1. Application to Velocity $5k Pitch Competition: We took a shot and applied to Velocity's $5k Pitch competition, aiming to showcase SpinStop's potential on a larger stage.
2. Selection and Invitation: Out of over 100 applicants, we were among the 24 teams selected to participate. It was an honor to be recognized among such a talented pool of innovators.
3. The Pitch: The moment arrived to present our vision to a panel of judges for a chance to win $5k in funding. Sam, our fearless leader, took the stage and delivered a fantastic pitch.
4. Learning from the Experience: While the competition was fierce and we didn't make it to the finals, the experience was invaluable. We gleaned insights and left with a renewed determination to push SpinStop even further.

This competition was just a pit stop in our journey, and we're excited to share the lessons learned and the strides we're making. Stay tuned for more updates, more challenges, and, of course, more progress!

velocity poster